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May 20, 2016 Phaide No comments exist

Parrotfish are named so because they have lots of tiny teeth packed tightly together on the outside of their jaw, forming a parrot like beak. They use this beak to consume algae and coral. Parrotfish are extremely important to the ocean because their excreta from eating coral creates a type of sand that can keep…

May 19, 2016 Phaide No comments exist

This beautiful picture was taken at the Stingray City sandbar. These southern rays are classified as Dasyatidae, which is one of eight classifications of stingray families. Members of this family have flat pectoral fins which range from diamond shape to oval shape. They’re found all over the world in tropical waters like Cayman. You can…

May 18, 2016 Phaide No comments exist

This beauty is called a French Angelfish.They mostly feed on sponges and algae. It’s common to see the French Angelfish in shallow reefs during the day time but at night they hide in there own designated spot every time!

May 13, 2016 Phaide No comments exist

This little guy was spotted during one of our exciting snorkel trips. The location hasn’t a name because it’s part of one our “off the beaten path” snorkel spots. These are snorkel spots that many people are unaware of and therefore aren’t crowded, making for a relaxing swim. It’s always a great thing to see a…

May 12, 2016 Phaide No comments exist

This picture is from one of our many snorkel trips to the Deep Stingray City, not to be confused with the Stingray City sandbar. Such a great shot taken right before he swam up to kiss the camera. Such a friendly creature!